Ping Pong Labs is a digital studio with a lab mindset.

We design and build digital products for all modern platforms.

Design / UX

We conceptualize and design digital products and services.

Our work adheres to two crucial principles: first, improving the actual value for the customer through conceptual and technical innovations; second, creating an outstanding user experience. 

To achieve these goals, we develop user-centred interaction concepts for all touchpoints, and design intuitive, visually stunning interfaces. 


Service Design
Concept Development
Interaction Design
UI Design
Visual Design


Design thinking
User-centered design
User journey mapping


We develop B2B and B2C applications for iOS, Android, Windows and the Web.

We are agile and work with the latest technologies and frameworks. For us, agility entails not only application of methods, but also the ability to respond flexibly and knowledgeably to changes.


Mobile: iOS, Android, Xamarin
Desktop: Windows, WPF, Universal (UWP), .NET /, .NET Core
Web Frontend: HTML5, Bootstrap, AngularJS, React
Web Backend: ASP.NET MVC, Node.js, PHP, Java
Platforms, CMS: WordPress, Magento
Cloud: Google Cloud Platform, Google API, Azure

Microsoft Ecosystem
We have many years of expertise in developing business software, especially for industrial customers. We develop modern, user-centric apps for Office365 and SharePoint and SaaS solutions for Azure.

Microsoft Software: AD, Office365, SharePoint, SharePoint Apps, Azure
Windows Devices: Windows 10, Surface Hub, HoloLens


We explorate trends, create ideas and experiment with new technologies.

We are investigating use-cases and inventing new solutions using IoT and Blockchain, two of today’s most exciting technological fields.


Technical Research
Feasibility Studies


Eclipse Mosquitto
Google API
Azure IoT Hub

Managing Team

Jacek Jonczyk

Jacek Jonczyk

Head of Design

Jacek is Co-Founder and Head of Design. He has 15 years experience in creating digital products. During his career, Jacek has worked mostly in the fields of innovation and digital transformation.

Gregor Matte

Gregor Matte

Head of Development

Gregor is Co-Founder and Head of Development. With over 15 years’ experience, Gregor has outstanding expertise in software engineering, development and project management.

Companies we have worked with.

Ping Pong Labs GmbH
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+49 30 85749441

Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, HRB 194662 B
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Management: Jacek Jonczyk, Gregor Matte

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